Welcome to the patient support pages of the London Acute Kidney Injury Network. We are working, with NHS Kidney Care, on a number of initiatives to help support AKI patients and their families. Acute kidney injury can be a serious illness that may develop suddenly, sometimes in previously healthy patients. Though this illness strikes fast, the recovery and return to health may be slow. Some patients may be left to cope with medical complications of AKI, such as chronic kidney disease. Others will have found an AKI event psychologically difficult, and need appropriate support.

We will develop the content of these pages over time and would welcome your feedback and input. Please also access our the rest of the website for more detailed information about acute kidney injury, its treatment and new developments. If you, or a relative, have suffered AKI and would like further information, please do contact us on If you would like to share your experience of an AKI illness with others, anonymously, we can post this on the 'patient stories' page. Please view the Other AKI Patient Support for further contacts. Finally, please contact us If you would be interested in joining, or helping to develop, our London Acute Kidney Injury Network Patient Support Group.

Surviving Acute Kidney Injury

Michael Wise
- Acute Kidney Injury Survivor