AKI patient support

Further information and support can be obtained from the British Kidney Patients Association (BKPA). The BKPA have a support line and can help with counselling, access to social services or financial help for those in need. The BKPA, or your kidney unit, can also put you in touch with your local Kidney Patients Association representatives.

Support and information can also be obtained from the patient charity the UK National Kidney Federation. The NKF also have a National helpline for patients suffering from kidney disease.

The Kidney Alliance brings together kidney patients and the healthcare professional who treat them. Further information on the work of the Kidney Alliance is available here.

The Intensive Care Society has developed a resource called CritPal that provides information on critical illness and its treatment for patients and relatives. Their document 'BrakeCare' provides practical, simple information for the loved ones of patients admitted to critical care. CritPal and BrakeCare are available here.