RCPE UK Consensus Conference on 'Management of acute kidney injury: the role of fluid, e-alerts and biomarkers'

We congratulate the organisers on a superb and very important consensus conference in Edinburgh. The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh convened last month to develop a consensus statement, making recomendations on three aspects of AKI which are not a major focus of the forthcoming NICE AKI guideline. The final version is available here:

At present there is a UK Renal Association AKI guideline, an international clinical practice AKI guideline (Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO)), the UK GIFTASUP guideline on fluid therapy in surgical patients (including AKI) and several guidelines regarding acute illness (most notably NICE CG 50). LAKIN have summarised this guidance into a a readily accessible form in the 'clinical' website section and the London AKI Manual and app (which reference these guidelines). All these guidelines can be accessed directly through these links

LAKIN will incorporate the RCPE consensus statement, NICE AKI and NICE fluids into its resources when these are all finally published in 2013, at which point we are performing a full update. Please note that a consensus recommendation was the availability of a fluid guideline in each trust. This is already available in the LAKIN manual and guideline pages, is based on GIFTASUP, and is available here Guidance on fluid management during AKI resuscitation is in the bundle, available here

We continue to advise caution in developing de novo in house guidelines given the stream of high quality national guidelines now coming online. LAKIN will always seek to promote National guidelines. Our aim is to make them accessible and operational within pathways and find the means to implement them effectively.