World Kidney Day celebrations at St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust

World Kidney Day at St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust; visitor having BP checkedThe world kidney day was celebrated at St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust on the 14th of March 2012. The aim was to raise awareness in the importance of kidneys in maintaining health and acute kidney injury (AKI).

A stand was set up at the main entrance, visited by patients and relatives, attracted by the friendly personnel and colourful posters. Visitors enjoyed interacting with nurses, dieticians, medical students and doctors taking about hydration, nutrition, exercise, hypertension and AKI while their blood pressure was checked.

A group with nurse, doctor and medical students visited the medical, surgical, cardiology, geriatric and gynaecology wards, talking to nurses and doctors about AKI; and distributing leaflets, mouse pads, posters on “Stop AKI”

A cake sale was organised in the renal ward which raised £174 for the St Georges Kidney Patients Association. (For further information contact Debasish Banerjee at