Looking ahead

Looking Ahead

We have identified ‘next steps’ for collaborative AKI care in London as follows:

  • Collation of data: We have, in collaboration with a UCL research group, collated a large scale, anonymised dataset from hospitals across London. Under National Research Ethics we are investigating trends in AKI incidence and outcomes across London. In tandem we are working with ICNARC (the UK Intensive Care National Audit and Research Collaboration) on a review of AKI incidence and therapy in London critical care units and will work closely with the UK Renal Registry to maximize the potential for London patients of the Registry AKI Master Patient Index.
  • We are likely to extend into other sub-speciality areas, building on successful 2015 projects in AKI-HUS and AKI-pregnancy.
  • Formal quality improvement methodology: We have identified a need to support implementation using formal improvement science. Following preparatory developmental work with Martin Marshall and Improvement Science London this is now being take forward by the UCL Partners NHS England-funded Patient Safety Programme. This project is utilizing the Institute of healthcare Improvements ‘Breakthrough Series’ collaborative model in 9 trusts in North and East London, Essex and Hertfordshire.
  • Clinical trials: We are developing collaborations to support the execution of clinical trials on novel AKI care pathways supported by technology innovations.
  • Operational function: LAKIN does not have a formal operational function or budget to formally ‘manage’ cross-pathway AKI care. We have however identified some potential in this approach and will, with the renal SCLG, keep this under review.