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Welcome to the website of the London Acute Kidney Injury Network

Latest tweet

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), previously known as acute renal failure, is a sudden loss of kidney function. AKI is strongly associated with mortality, increased lengths of stay, chronic morbidity and increased healthcare costs.

The London Acute Kidney Injury Network is a collaboration of healthcare professionals and organisations based in and around the capital. Our goal is equitable, high-quality AKI prevention and care in London.

London AKI Network was the world’s first clinical network for AKI. This model has now scaled Nationally across England.

We pioneered cross site-collaboration, harmonised regional pathways and clinical guidance, sharing of best practice, regional audit and patient engagement and support in AKI care. We oversaw the first regional deployment of a standardised AKI care bundle and electronic e-alerting (in both secondary and primary care). We developed the first dedicated online and mobile application resource on AKI for healthcare professionals and these open-access, award-winning resources are accessed nationally and globally. We also run the AKI academy, the UKs first regular AKI course, as well as other events for patients and professionals.

We share our freely and have presented at numerous regional, national and international meetings. If you would like to collaborate, please get in touch.

2014 London AKI Network was cited as an exemplar in the Future Hospital Commission Report.

Supported by HENCEL