The Toolkit is a guide and a collection of resources to enable a Trust AKI Lead to rapidly implement our initiatives in their organisation (diagram link).

  1. Ask your Trust guideline committee to ratify the London AKI Network guidelines and link Trust guideline repository to for an annually updated guide approved by your regional renal unit.
  2. Disseminate the AKI manual.
  3. Ask your communications department to advertise the AKI initiative with a poster campaign or email. Downloadable poster PDF is available here.
  4. Ask your postgraduate education department to issue the network advertising cards at Trust induction. This will encourage staff to access our online content and app. A brief, 5 minute, induction talk can be viewed here. In addition staff can access a range of online educational resources here.
  5. Perform our Pan-London AKI audit, available here. Set up a biochemistry prompt to alert 50% rise in serum creatinine with link to AKI care bundle Liaise with regional network lead and attend committee meetings to help develop the network and inform policy