Kidney Unit Contacts

North Central London Network Hospitals

UCL Centre for Nephrology Royal Free
Royal Free Hospital
AKI registrar mobile: 07908422116 or 0207 794 0500 bleep 2608 via switchboard

North East London Network Hospitals

Bart's and The London Renal Unit
Royal London Hospital
Telephone: 0207 377 7000, renal registrar on-call via switchboard

North West London Network Hospitals

Imperial Renal and Transplant unit
Hammersmith Hospital
Telephon:e 0203 313 1000, renal registrar on-call, bleep 9977 or via switchboard

South East London Network Hospitals

Guy's and St Thomas' Renal Unit
Guy's Hospital
AKI registrar mobile: 07789505184 or 0207 188 7188 renal registrar on-call via switchboard

King's Renal Unit
King's College Hospital
Telephone: 0203 299 900, renal registrar on-call, bleep 622 or via switchboard

South West London Network Hospitals

South West Thames Renal and Transplantation Unit
St Hellier
Telephone: 0208 296 2000, renal registrar on-call, bleep 655 or via switchboard

St George's Renal Unit
St George's Hospital
Telephone: 0208 672 1255, renal registrar on-call, bleep 6415 or via switchboard