We are planning a number of pan-London AKI audits. We are initially auditing general ward AKI care in partnership with the London Specialist Commissioning Group (SCG) Audit and Information Analysis Unit. The footprint of this audit is London, South East England and East of England, though some South East audits are already committed to the "Enhancing Quality" audit initiative and will not be participating. We are working with NHS Kidney Care, the National AKI Delivery Board on developing a national AKI dataset for general ward care.

The network/AIAU audit is 3 phase.

Phase 1 joint AIAU/London AKI Network Audit

The first phase is a questionnaire examining hospital NCEPOD compliance and AKI service configuration. It addresses issues such as access to nephrology, imaging and renal replacement therapy services This audit will provide a large-scale "service-mapping" function. This audit is now live.

The questionnaire is online and is comprised of questions with predominantly yes/no or numeric responses. Prior to completing the online questionnaire we recommend reviewing the proforma questions in advance such that the relevant data can be retrieved.

The proforma is will be available soon.

The online questionnaire for data submission is available here.

All network member hospitals will be asked to complete this and a PDF report will be provided by the AIAU to their organisation. This will provide a very useful comparator of service configuration across the South East and if appropriate may be used to improve local AKI treatment resources.

Phase 2 and 3 joint AIAU/London AKI Network Audits

The phase 2 audit is a proforma-based case notes review. We are currently consulting on the content of this audit, which will be piloted shortly. The third audit phase is an external case notes review.

Other network audits

As well as the joint AIAU audit we are planning audits on critical care capacity for single organ support and renal-unit transfer times and safety. Other audits will be developed over time and through consultation with network members.